Thursday, February 16, 2012


New Council of the Vice Province

From left to right
Fr. Francis Gasparik (New York Provincial), Fr. Patrick Castro (1st Councilor), Fr. Joseph English (Vice Provincial), Fr. Michel Dalton (2nd Councilor)

The Capuchins of Guam and Hawaii

Gathered in liturgy

Fr. Francis Gasparik at the Closing Mass of the Chapter

From left to right
Frs. Jose Villagomez, George Maddock, Gordon Combs, Paulo Kosaka and Agustin Gumataotao

Capuchin Classmates Frs. George and Gordon celebrate their 75th birthdays this year!


The new Council of the Vice Province had their elections confirmed by Fr. Frank Gasparik, Provincial of Saint Mary Province, before all the friars.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Every three years, all the friars of the Vice Province of Guam and Hawaii meet to elect their Vice Provincial and Council, and to decide other community matters, in meetings called the Chapter.  This year's Chapter began today with .....

An Opening Prayer
lead by Provincial Fr. Frank Gasparik

All in favor....?

Br. Tino Arias of the Mission Office is also in attendance

Fr. Marvin Bearis at our first Mass of the Chapter week.

The friars in prayer...

...and at meals.