Thursday, September 1, 2011


From Left to Right
Gavin Diego, Junee Valencia, Emil Escalera, Joseph Ogo
Their Director, Fr. Andre Eduvala, is on the far left

At a simple ceremony on September 1 during the Eucharistic Liturgy at Saint Fidelis Friary, four postulants began their program in the Vice Province.  Fr. Joseph English, Vice Provincial, presided and preached at the Liturgy.  He spoke about the fear that is natural to us when we think about doing something new.  Drawing on the day's Gospel, Fr. Joe pointed to Christ's words in the passage, "Do not be afraid."  He continued, today we hear the story of Christ and the Apostles because the Apostles eventually were not afraid, and continued to preach the Gospel of faith and love."

The Gospel affirms the decision of the four postulants to say "yes" to the invitation to experience life in the fraternity and continue discerning God's call, despite the natural apprehensions that come with almost any new adventure.

Fr. Andre, Postulant Director, welcomes Emil into the program

The Postulants receive a Bible, the Liturgy of the Hours and the Tau Cross

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