Thursday, July 25, 2013


The Vice Province is blessed to have two young men from Guam invested in the habit of the Capuchin Order this past weekend.

Brother William Paulino is from Saint Joseph parish in Inarajan.  Brother Jason Chargualaf is from Saint Jude parish in Sinajana.

The novitiate is one full year of initiation into the Capuchin way of life.  Novices live in community - praying, studying, working and sharing life as brothers.

Some years ago, it was decided to have all the novices from the U.S., including the Vice Province of Guam/Hawaii, English-speaking Canada and Australia do their novitiate year together.  After some time in Pennsylvania, the novitiate program moved to Southern California.  The novitiate is in a quiet, ranch area of Santa Ynez, a town near Solvang, which is about half an hour from Santa Barbara.

Father Patrick Castro from Guam flew to the investiture ceremony to represent the friars of Guam and Hawaii.

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