Saturday, April 4, 2015



from the Capuchin Friars of Guam and Hawaii

Christus Vincit! Throughout history the world has seen great conquerors and unimaginable empires, from the vastness of the 3 continent Ottoman Empire to the 400 year rule of the Han Dynasty. Great military leaders, Kings and Emperors used massive resources to take as they please, but soon enough they would all face a battle that resulted in a common conclusion that they could not win, the Battle with Death. Only one Man was able to conquer death. Christus Vincit! It wasn’t the legion of armies, superior weaponry, and military strategies that allowed Christ to conquer death, but traits of humility and faith was what slayed death.
That Divine power continues to pour forth and conquer death and sin. This is so that we too may take part in the resurrection. If we like Jesus strive and attain humility and faith then the same power that slayed death will greet us on judgment day. So in reflecting on Christ’s Resurrection let us lean on our Mother Church in her humility and Sacraments, let us look towards scriptures and the life of Jesus for words to help us in battle, and as Jesus did let us turn away from sin and turn to our heavenly Father. Happy Easter and Christus Vincit!

~ Brother Gavin Diego, OFM Cap

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