Wednesday, January 6, 2016


The long-awaited resumption of the annual Friary Christmas Village was greeted with public delight this past Christmas season.

Started in 2008 at the Friary, this huge display of Christmas ornaments, trains, lights, town scenes and ski lifts, accompanied by all the bells, whistles and music, is the property of members of the Quinata family, collected over more than ten years.

Due to the unfortunate health condition of the family matriarch, Mae Quinata, may she rest in peace, the family understandably could not manage putting on the Christmas Village for two years. This year the family resumed the display, now in honor of our beloved Mae.

This year, however, the location was moved to the Agana Shopping Center, just down the hill from the Friary. Here, the Village found more ample space and a ready crowd among the many Christmas shoppers. Donations from the people viewing the Village will go to the Friary.

Friars and Friary volunteers were on hand every night to greet the people. Different groups also volunteered to host the light refreshments served to the crowds who came to see the display.

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